Good reads

I hope you all are having a deliciously lazy Sunday afternoon. How was your Valentine’s Day? Mine was wonderful–afternoon beers and music in perfect weather, takeout sushi with a side of bubbly, more beer, and midnight bowling. For the record, I do not function well without bumpers. By the end of the night, I was pretty much just helplessly tossing the ball down the lane in order to get back to the beer and jukebox listening. Priorities.

Here are some links I enjoyed this week:

Which character in Almost Famous are you? I got William Miller. I was praying for Penny Lane, but honestly, William is probably more fitting… In love with music, writer, sensitive… Oh, and also a dude. But let’s overlook that.

101 ways to cheer yourself up. I love how unique all of these are and that they are things I would actually like to do.

The importance of shutting the computer screen and writing by hand every now and then.

This beautiful poem I stumbled upon. Dagger to the heart.

Mary Oliver reading “Wild Geese”. One of my favorite poems.

Interesting idea of why we sometimes push away happiness.

“We push away good feelings because they create constant change — and that takes some stamina. We push away positive feelings because the light emotions can create a stark contrast to the dark emotions. The joy will expose our sorrow. If we don’t go to the height of our joy, we don’t have to go to the depths of our pain.”

My wish for everyone this coming week and always? Choose joy. Feel all the feelings and love all the things.

See y’all later!


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